Fanlai M2 is the upgraded global version of the original Fanlai M1, which is a automated, multifunctional smart kitchen machine. It uses multiple proprietary technologies in order to deliver the best automated cooking experience at the comfort of your own home. The M2 can cook in many different styles, from stir-fry, pan-fry, boil, braise and more. With the global audience in mind, an english control panel and manuals have been added to help users across the globe to enjoy the convenience of cooking with a few clicks.

No it is not. We have tested the product with many users, from young adults aged 20 all the way to more senior users at 60 years old. As the product comes with various safety features, it is definitely user-friendly for our users.

The M2 has also gone through rigorous testing by SGS and passed IEC standards, with the Singapore safety mark awarded to the M2 as well.

We recommend every kitchen to have an M2, just like how every kitchen should have the traditional hood/hob or airfryer today. M2 makes it easy to cook simple meals with lesser smoke, oil and heat, while at the same bring making it less cumbersome as you can leave M2 to do the heavylifting in your kitchen. However, we do highly recommend it for young adults looking to meal prep, young mothers who require a kitchen assistant while they prepare meals and look after their young ones and also the older generation to make it easier for them during meal times. It also makes for a great housewarming gift for families and friends!

All orders are shipped free across Singapore with express shipping - you should receive your orders within 3-5 days. For global purchases, please reach out to us via our socials or email us at sales@fanlaisg.com, we can arrange for separate shipping arrangements in order for it to be delivered.

We offer 1 year local warranty for all purchases of Fanlai M2 from us. You may reach out to us via our socials or visit our service center for any warranty requests.

Currently, the Fanlai M2 is exclusively available on fanlaisg.com only. Please visit us at our service center in Singapore for an actual demo of the product, where you can experience and make your purchase.